Crain’s Detroit Business, by Daniel Duggan The founder of Fossil Inc. has picked Detroit as the site for a watch and bicycle manufacturing operation, with hopes that the words “made in Detroit” will make the items more marketable. Tom Kartsotis, founder of the Richardson, Texas-based watch and accessory company, has signed a 30,000-square-foot lease in [...]

When applying for a mortgage, it is important for would be home buyers to be aware of the factors, both positive and negative, that may affect their ability to get the loan they need. Any steps you can take to accentuate the positive and resolve negative financial issues will be a plus in the eyes [...]

After watching the market numbers over the past 12 months, a solid (positive) pattern has been set that appears to be spreading across the nation. The housing market, for all practical purposes, has shifted from a Buyers Market to a Sellers Market. In the five-county Southeast Michigan market, 84% of all sales are homes that [...]

Thinking of owning a rental property? Being a landlord can be well worth it financially, but how do you know if you’re ready to take the plunge? Who’s The Boss? – Managing Your Rental Property Are you going to manage your rental property yourself or will you hire a property management company to manage it [...]

An old rule of thumb in real estate is that your first offer it usually your best offer. In my experience this is true more times than not. Several times I have had clients send stiff counteroffers back to prospective buyers only to never hear from them again. Then after much more time on the [...]

If you are selling your home, then you probably have read all the tips for staging a home. However, you should also evaluate your home for things that could make a potential homebuyer leave your home quickly. 1. Not–so-nice DIY projects. You may have saved thousands by remodeling the kitchen or adding on an entire [...]