By Daily Detroit Staff One of the hottest discussion topics around Detroit right now is the one about gentrification. There is no question that the city is changing, but it’s worth taking a look at the numbers to see what’s really going on. This is how, which takes an exhaustive look into gentrification in America, defines [...]

By Elisha Anderson, Detroit Free Press. Photos by Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press. Museum website: Behind the brick walls of a nondescript building in Chesterfield Township, a treasure trove of automotive history awaits. Shiny cars in candy-colored shades of reds, blues, greens and yellows sit side by side, row after row inside this oversized [...]

By Robert Klara, Tired of toiling in obscurity, architects start advertising their profession on television, a revered but misunderstood job. According to a Harris Pollconducted last year, architecture is one of the highest-regarded professions in the United States, with a net prestige rating of 62. (Just for the record, real estate brokers are at [...]

Dogs make happy homes even happier. There’s nothing like coming home, especially when you have a furry friend on the other side of the door. For over 100 years Coldwell Banker has helped people find home, and now our mission extends to man’s best friend. We’ve teamed up with to help adoptable dogs find [...]

Coldwell Banker’s latest tv commercial features 16 dogs, including Max, who found a home through, the largest non-profit pet adoption website in North America. CLICK HERE to view the commercial. Coldwell Banker is also launching the “Home for Dogs Project” to find homes for 20,000 dogs in 2015 by teaming with the pet-adoption website. [...]

By: Kenneth R Harney, LA Times Even the CEO of Zillow readily admits that their Zillow Zestimates are inaccurate. Zestimates are inaccurate 68% of the time in Michigan, and inaccurate 66% of the time in Oakland County. CLICK HERE to read the LA Times article and the statement by Zillow’s CEO, and CLICK HERE to see detailed stats [...]

By: Nicole Rupersburg, Thrillist Drinking in Detroit? A great time. Drinking in front of a fireplace in Detroit? An even better time – especially in winter. Why? Because it’s cold in the D. Click here for a link to 18 bars with fireplaces in metro Detroit. About William Brundage: Named the Best Realtor by the Oakland [...]