By Constance Crump, Crain’s Detroit Business The pity party for residential real estate is over. Now the issue is inventory. Residential brokers — and this year’s market data — indicate that sale prices and average time to sell are improving, good news for sellers and their real estate agents. On the supply side, inventory is [...]

The best way to describe the current market seems to be “just enough”. Both the economy and market values are rising just enough to bring just enough sellers into the market to satisfy just enough of the buyer demand to keep the market moving and prices rising. There is a significant shortage of available homes [...]

By Abby Ellin, ABC News Last winter was the mildest on record for the United States, but sadly, there probably won’t be a repeat this year. Instead, temperatures this winter are expected to be close to normal — that is, about 20 to 27 percent colder than last year east of the Rockies, and about [...]

No matter what the condition of the housing market, purchasing a home is a major commitment and a vital financial decision. A home is much more than a financial investment; it is an investment in a new lifestyle and a new way of looking at property. Those who are unprepared to make the leap from [...]