By Glen LaGrou, Thanksgiving weekend events and fun things to do for families in Oakland County, Metro Detroit and SE Michigan. Metro Detroit Weekend Events Calendar for November 27, November 28, November 29, and November 30, 2014. There are plenty of fun things to do in and around Metro Detroit this Thanksgiving weekend. This [...]

By Monica Ware, Local Roads Matter While the official start of winter is still a month away, many parts of the state are feeling the full effects of winter weather. The County Road Association of Michigan released an infographic to help Michigan residents avoid the frustration of the “second shovel.” “Shoveling snow once after a [...]

Members of the cast of A Christmas Story will make an appearance at the beautiful and historic Redford Theatre. The actors will host a meet-and-greet Saturday November 22nd at 5:00pm - Randy (Ian Petrella), Flick (Scott Schwartz), Farkus (Zack Ward), Grover (Yano Anaya), Female Elf (Patty Johnson LaFontaine), Male Elf (Drew Hocever). You may also watch the movie in the [...]

By Jose Pagliery, CNN Money If you’re a Comcast cable customer, your home’s private Wi-Fi router is being turned into a public hotspot. It’s potentially creepy and annoying. But the upside is Internet everywhere. It’s been one year since Comcast (CMCSA) started its monster project to blanket residential and commercial areas with continuous Wi-Fi coverage. Imagine waves [...]

By Zlati Meyer, Detroit Free Press Any real-estate agent will tell you hosting an open house when you’re trying to sell your home is key. But rolling out the welcome mat for would-be buyers also can attract thieves. Two Detroit men were arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing from open houses in Troy and are suspected [...]