Just when you think it can’t get any wilder, it does. July activity hit near record highs and lows – Highs in terms of home sales and lows in terms of low inventories. Again, more listings and buyers entered the market in July so at the end of the month the net result is fewer [...]

#1 Reason a Home Sells – Price.  If a home is priced properly for the market it will ultimately garner the highest sales price and it will also sell faster.  #2 Reason a Home Sells – Photos.  With unlimited 24 hour access to the internet, along with the price of gasoline nowadays, over 89% of buyers prefer [...]

If you’re considering renovating your home to maximize sale profit, be aware that some renovations may not yield the returns you expect. The following five renovations are all projects that shouldn’t be undertaken merely for resale profit. Swimming Pool Before you invest in a swimming pool, study the market in your area. Depending on the [...]