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Is Your Home Ideal for Multi-Generational Living?

Today’s spacious homes give a single family plenty of room, but more homebuyers than ever are thinking of those extra spaces in terms of multi-generational living. Aging parents, grown children, and siblings are living together in record numbers.

This trend gives home sellers a different way to show features such as finished walkout basements and bonus bedrooms. Intergenerational living is far easier when each family subunit has its own space.

Play Up Safety and Accessibility Features
Before you put your home on the market, think about its accessibility for people who might be living with aging parents who use wheel chairs or walkers. Bathrooms and outdoor spaces should have added safety features, as well. A complete, accessible living space on one level means extra value for homebuyers, and they’ll appreciate that you put some thought into how an intergenerational family might use the home.

One of the joys of selling your home is that you never know what kind of family will be interested in buying it. And, when a family buys a home, they can’t predict what the future will bring―the only constant in life is change. Giving homebuyers more options, so they can easily transform from single family living to multi-generational living, makes your home more appealing.

Create Equity Through Home Improvement
Homebuyers considering the multi-generational living style usually pool their money, so they can afford to buy bigger and better homes. Often they buy houses that can accommodate their arrangements immediately, so sellers who remodel to add a kitchenette or two complete master suites realize a big equity return on these home improvement projects.

Home sellers should look at their homes from a different angle and consider how a multi-generational family might use the various spaces. The trend toward living together under one roof will most likely continue to rise in the future.

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