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Tips for Buying or Selling a Home Over the Holidays

People don’t generally think of year-end as the ideal time to buy or sell properties. Yet, that may be precisely the reason why the winter holidays can be a great time to do either!

Since springtime is a popular time to list homes for sale, there tends to be a glut of properties on the market during those months. While nice for buyers, this isn’t so good for sellers. Because there’s considerably less competition in the cool winter months, properties listed over the holidays will enjoy a greater significance within the pool of existing inventory.

So, how would buyers benefit from a holiday home purchase? Homes put up for sale during the busy rush of the holiday season are often on the market because homeowners have an urgent need to sell those properties quickly. Consequently, those sellers may be more flexible in their negotiations, allowing buyers to snag a better price or more favorable terms.

Holiday Tips for Home Sellers
Yes, you can have your holidays, and sell your home, too! To minimize stress, don’t host large holiday parties or family gatherings. Instead, arrange to celebrate the season at the homes of friends and family.

Do decorate your home for the holidays! Keep it festive, yet tastefully sedate. Not everyone celebrates the same holidays as you, so consider displaying elements of various holidays or simply skew the decor toward a celebration of winter. As always, don’t let the decor become clutter that conceals the best features of your property. The goal of decor is to accent, not overpower, your home.

Holiday Tips for Home Buyers
Do your homework in advance. Deciding on the type of home you want, determining a budget, and even securing a home loan are all steps that will help make you ready to answer when opportunity knocks in the last few weeks of December. You’ll have your pick of properties without having to drag all the paperwork through your holiday celebrations.

Sellers can capitalize on being a big fish in a small pond, and buyers can enjoy the thrill of a new home, with a great price or favorable terms as a holiday bonus. Whether buying or selling, preparing ahead of the holidays can bring you seasonal cheer that lasts longer than fruitcake!

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