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3 Things to Consider Before Making an Offer

Are you about to make an offer on your dream home? This article examines three things that potential homebuyers should take into consideration before they make an offer on a home.

Choose The Right Realtor – Your first consideration is to hire a licensed Realtor. Your Realtor can advise you during each step in the home buying process, from getting pre-approved for a mortgage to closing the deal. This can be the most confusing and stressful time for a buyer, and having an expert to help you through the whole process will make it much easier.

A Home Inspection is Important - Your second consideration is to ask that your Realtor insert a contingency clause into the offer that the house passes a home inspection. Construct an offer that you agree upon together. If you have already visited the home, you may have noticed some features of the house that need to be inspected. Perhaps you noticed obvious problems like faulty insulation or wood rot. Insisting on a home inspection is crucial to protecting your financial interest in the transaction.

Make The Right Offer - The third consideration is to talk with your Realtor about the right offer. You need to look beyond the obvious points like the home’s square footage, upgrades, list price, market value, and previous selling price. After touring the home with your Realtor, reflect upon the need for repairs that you have already observed. For example, if you are looking at a 12-year-old house that still has its original roof, consider lowering your offer based upon the known problem of investing soon in a new roof.

Making an offer is a final step toward buying a home. Use your Realtor to protect yourself during each stage of this process. Buying a home is not a small endeavor, and while some people are able to do it alone, most will find the experience to be overwhelming. Your Realtor can make the process go smoothly by applying professional knowledge and skill to your particular situation. Some things to consider are, good schools, proximity to shopping, parks and recreation.

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