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Beyond Price: Deal Breakers

Everyone has that one item that is non-negotiable and if the house they are considering lacks it, they will not budge. The sellers could be practically giving the house away but if it doesn’t come with that one special feature, they can forget about landing that particular buyer. For some it could be a swimming pool, while others would buy a house with only one bathroom before they would consider buying one without a fireplace.

Knowing your deal breaker is important when shopping for a house. While you may be able to give a little on price, if you like to have fifty people over for Thanksgiving dinner and only have room for about thirty, the house you are considering will never truly be home. Make your non-negotiable items clear from the beginning. While some agents may try to convince you to look at other properties anyway, most will thank you for your honesty and focus their efforts on finding you your dream home.

Some of the most common deal breakers are:

• No fireplace
• No shower
• Not enough bathrooms or bathrooms are too small
• Not enough bedrooms or bedrooms are too small
• No place to put the dream Christmas tree
• Living/Family room isn’t large enough to host family get-togethers
• Kitchen is too small
• No off-street parking

Be realistic about your deal breaker. Every home on the market has something the seller wishes they could have changed. If you find it hard to find any property that even remotely meets your standards, be prepared to reconsider your deal breaker. It could be that you really aren’t serious about buying or perhaps you have unrealistic expectations about home ownership.

Knowing your deal breaker doesn’t have to make home buying more difficult. On the contrary, it can improve your chances of finding the perfect home where you might just find yourself living happily ever after.

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