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Make the Most of Your Home’s Assets

When preparing to sell a home, it is necessary to assess the house’s main selling points. A house’s best features don’t always speak for themselves to buyers and they might require some highlighting on the part of the sellers. This article discusses ways to make the most of your homes best features.

The assessment process should go room by room. While no room or feature is likely to be completely ideal in every instance, the goal is to play down any negatives and play up all the positives. If the master bedroom is on the small side, then it will be necessary to convey its cozy appeal. Perhaps it has a great view that can be emphasized with new window treatments. Maybe excess furniture could be removed so the room appears larger.

Consider the special features each room offers that make it unique from other rooms.

For example, a kitchen with a built-in hutch might display an elegant collection of china as opposed to various boxes of dry cereal.

Or, a breakfast nook could be set with matching place settings to give potential buyers an idea of its daily use. Play up high ceilings with dramatic light fixtures in keeping with the home’s architectural style. Instead of covering them up, keep new windows visible to buyers and highlight them with simple and spare accents.

Sometimes the key to a sale is simply highlighting the home’s extraordinary feature(s). This might be a loft in the garage or a covered patio. These extraordinary assets must be kept neat and orderly in order to show them off in their best light. Rather than fill a spacious wrap-around porch with loads of bushy plant containers, place several well-chosen healthy plants in a few spots to highlight all of the room.

The idea for sellers is to make the home stand out by focusing on its best attractions. So, do not keep new carpeting covered up and be sure to draw buyers’ eyes to hidden features in some way.

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