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7 No-Fail Decorating Tricks for Small Spaces

Don’t let a small home suppress your creativity. Here are eight decorating tips to consider when touching up your not-so-spacious abode.

1. Add height with curtains. Hang curtains and draperies close to the ceiling. This gives the illusion of height to a small room and draws the eye upward.

2. Mirrors are your best friend. Their reflective quality helps to open up dark, cramped corners. Instead of displaying wall art, consider hanging mirrors. Look around for inexpensive vintage mirrors at flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops. Come up with an interesting arrangement and group them together for a spectacular conversation piece.

3. Invest in double-duty furniture. It gives you extra storage space to minimize clutter—a clutter-free area seems more spacious. Consider buying a bed frame that can be raised up to allow for storage underneath. Other options include hollow ottomans that can be opened to store things inside.

4. Use one large piece of furniture. Use one or two large pieces of furniture instead of numerous small ones. Numerous small pieces of furniture, when grouped together, will make a room seem overcrowded. One large, gorgeous piece of furniture can serve as a focal point to evoke the feel of a larger room.

5. Think vertical storage space. This prevents you from taking up the already limited floor area. Get a hanging pot rack for your kitchen. Consider storage and shelving units, wire racks, and freestanding cubbies that you can either hook or screw onto the wall. A strategically positioned floating desk, which can be as simple as a thick and sturdy wooden board attached to the wall, can turn an awkward corner into a useful home office area.

6. Consider clear glass or acrylic furniture. Transparent acrylic or glass coffee tables, desks, and side tables do not appear to obstruct space. Thus, they make great furniture for people who live in small spaces.

7. Hide all the mess. Items like television remote controls, DVDs, magazines, and knick-knacks can overwhelm a small room. You might want to designate storage spaces for them and stow them out of sight. Or better yet, reduce clutter by keeping and buying only the things you need.


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