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Using Zillow Zestimates? Please Don’t.

Using Zillow to get an estimate (Zestimate) for the value of your home?  Please don’t. 

Zillow voluntarily publishes data on their own website disclosing how inaccurate their Zestimates really are.  Their Zestimates are inaccurate 59% of the time in Oakland County, 62% of the time in the Detroit Metro area, 62% of the time in Michigan, and 62% of the time nationally.  Ouch!  Click this link to check out the accuracy data disclosed on Zillow’s website:

Zillow’s Zestimates are a gimmick to get people to use their website.  Zillow (and Trulia) do not have access to all of the data that a Realtor has access to with regard home sales and home values.  Only your Realtor will be able to access the most accurate and up-to-date data providing you with a market analysis which will give you the most accurate value for your home.

About William Brundage:
Named the Best Realtor by the Oakland Press and also named Real Estate All-Star by Hour Magazine, William Brundage is an industry leading Realtor bringing over twenty years of experience to successfully marketing and selling fine homes and estates. His dedication to his clients and our community places him in the top 1% nationwide. Personalized service and client satisfaction are paramount. William is committed to getting you the best price and terms in the shortest amount of time.

Cell: 248-980-2455

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